6 financial products to save in retirement

6 financial products to save in retirement

Saving for the future is increasingly necessary. Pension plans, savings insurance, investment plans and deposits linked to the Stock Exchange are just some of the ways to complete the retirement pension. In this article, 6 financial products are collected to save on retirement. The pension plan, savings insurance or mixed investment funds are some of the products that can be hired for retirement and serve as a complement to public pensions.

1. Guaranteed pension plan:

The pension plan is the most effective and safest way to go saving also in retirement, provided it is guaranteed. It offers more attractive profitability than those generated from other products intended for savings, between 2% and 5% on average, making it the ideal complement for retirement. Some plans allow you to participate in your benefits and with better tax treatment than usual.

2. Savings and investment insurance:

In addition to knowing the tricks for a profitable investment, savings and investment insurance are a savings option. The advantage of this proposal for retirement is that, if the savings are maintained for the minimum time established by law, the returns will be exempt from any kind of taxation.

3. Individual savings plans:

The most characteristic model of this trend is the individual systematic savings plans. Its amount depends on the contributions made regularly. On the other hand, they offer better tax benefits for saving.

4. Deposits linked to the Stock Exchange:

Apart from being intended for the long term, it is a way to enter the equities without exposing oneself in the least. These financial assets can generate a return close to 5% and, in the worst case, always guarantee a minimum interest, although below the expectations presented by other financial products with greater exposure to the markets.

5. Mixed funds:

The combination of several financial assets through an investment fund is one of the keys to preserve the heritage and, at the same time, ensure at least a minimum return. We will have to choose the most defensive models, where the risks of depreciating the savings market are lower. You can find very appropriate designs for retirees who provide an annual return of around 5%, without risking a lot in investments.

6. Dividends:

Although the variable income is not one of the more indicated alternatives in these occasions, an exception can be made with the values ​​that distribute dividends among its shareholders. This option makes it possible to charge a fixed and guaranteed subscription every year, regardless of how the securities are listed.