How to set up healthy lifestyle at age of 65?

How to set up healthy lifestyle at age of 65?

People of age 65 and above need to be more aware and conscious about their health status and be more willing to adopt healthy lifestyle which will make them feel active, joyful and lively. Elderly people need to adopt themselves to few important guidelines in order to avoid health problems.

Why should you quit smoking?

Smoking is injurious to health and it affects you more when you have aged 65 plus. If you have been a smoker by young age then you have already suffered the damage caused by nicotine or tobacco. However even if you quit smoking at the age of 65 it can add life expectancy of up to 2 years. You must get a 2020 medicare supplement plan quit smoking by any mean as it can lead to serious cardiovascular heart problems such as heart stroke and cancer. Smoking can also induce risks of memory related disorders such as dementia and osteoporosis.  In old age smoking also deteriorates skin conditions and cause excessive wrinkling losing elasticity of your skin.

How should you take care of your Skin?

At old age skin gets thinner losing elasticity and tendency to get dry faster. Wrinkles start appearing on your skin and get deeper with cuts and bruises. Always remember too much exposure to sun can expose you to ultraviolet rays resulting in skin cancer.

How to take care of your teeth’s?

As you age your teeth’s get weaker and you may feel sever pain and sensitivity issues. However there are few tips for people of age 65 and above. Take care of your teeth’s by daily brushing and flossing with periodic checkups.

How to manage stress?

You need to control your anger and stress level. Try different techniques to relieve your stress. Techniques that can help in relieving yourself from stress include yoga or classic tai-chi. Be social and active, spend time with friends, have fun, organize get to gather sessions. Be more optimistic and think positively and exercise patience.

Keep an eye on your weight

Keep an eye on your weight as gaining extra weight pose you to risks of heart related diseases and several other challenges. Use body mass index BMI calculator to track changes in your weight and try to observe what should be your weight as per your height. Apart from avoiding cuisines that contain fat, margarines or cheese, avoid beverages that contain white sugar instead take plain water as it does not contain calories. 

Tips for making trips with seniors

Tips for making trips with seniors

Sometimes we get a bit embarrassed when considering long trips with our parents or grandparents for fear that something might happen to them during the trip. However, you can travel with them following certain medical recommendations and precautions, which you will have the option to solve with your health insurance.

What to keep in mind if you are traveling with an older person

Do a medical review:

It is the most recommended, especially for people with heart conditions to get a 2020 Medicare supplement quote. It is important to notify the doctors of the trip that will be made, the conditions of the same, the place of destination and the activities that will be carried out. Along with this, ask all the questions you have and follow the medical instructions regarding medications or recommendations. If you need it, your family doctor can prepare a report on your family member’s health so that, in case of an emergency, medical attention will arrive much faster.

Do not travel without travel insurance:

This is a tip for young people, adults, and seniors. Traveling without health insurance can involve high medical bills in case of an accident or health condition abroad.

Investigate the degree of accessibility of your destination:

Previously investigate the degree of accessibility of the places you visit, is essential to make the trip more comfortable for older people. Find hotels with elevators or with few stairs, and identify the degree of accessibility of the tourist places that we plan to visit. It will be much more comfortable for everyone.

Take into account the climate and sanitary conditions

This is one of the most important aspects when traveling with older people, as they are the ones who usually have more difficulty adapting to height or excessive heat. That is why it is important that you look in advance at the weather that will be in your destination during the time you will be there: if it will rain if it will be too cold if it will be too hot and even if it will be too windy.

Invert the rules:

Although these are recommendations to undertake an already planned trip, another way to do it is to choose the destination based on these recommendations. It is better to take your elderly relatives to warm climates, for example, than to subject them to the temperatures of the mountain in winter. Also, when planning a trip through several areas, try to choose a route that has a constant climate to avoid exposing them to sudden changes.

How to help seniors manage their money?

How to help seniors manage their money?

Many parents do their best to teach their children how to manage their money effectively, with piggy banks, prizes and other tools designed to help their children understand the value of money. Children who are now 40 or 50 may have to think about helping their parents manage their money, in the final stage of their lives. This can be difficult in some cases, but there are some things that can be done to facilitate the process.

Impact of aging on financial management:

As in all other aspects of your life, age can reduce a person’s ability to manage their money and make financial decisions. Old age can make resolving financial situations more difficult, as older people simply have less energy to devote to practical issues, such as paying bills or bank accounts. In many cases, older couples divide several financial tasks between them. The wife may pay the bills and make the purchases, while the husband makes the investment decisions. Although this may work well while both spouses live, it means that when one of the spouses dies, the widower may have to immediately face a series of financial tasks that he is not able to perform.

Face the problem:

There are many issues that should be considered when it comes to helping parents with their money. One good aspect, to begin with, is health and insurance coverage for long-term care. If parents are not adequately covered with 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans in this area, it might be a good idea to pay for them, if possible, because the cost of coverage may be minuscule compared to the expenses that may arise in the future without it. The next step should be to make an honest assessment of your savings. The investment portfolios should be analyzed to see if they fit the risk tolerance level and investment objectives of our parents since they can not necessarily rely on their financial advisors for this.

How to help your parents?

In many cases, it is a good idea for at least one of the children to join their parents ‘accounts as an interested third party which provides an informal means of supervising their parents’ finances. This can alert them to potential problems, such as surcharges for late payments, late payments of mortgages, public services or other obligations; or large savings withdrawals, for reasons not specified. Of course, establishing the payment of bills by automatic debit and conducting banking operations over the Internet can help to solve these problems.

How should you prepare food as a senior to stay healthy as long as possible?

How should you prepare food as a senior to stay healthy as long as possible?

It should be kept in mind when people age older and reach age bracket of 65 they are more vulnerable to risks such as food poisoning. If you face such a dilemma than it may time to get a 2020 medicare supplement plan and take longer to recover as your immune system gets compromised with age. In old age you may also face other side effects such as dehydration. Here are a few tips on how to avoid such a situation.  

How should you cook eggs?

When you boil or cook eggs, make sure it’s not undercooked more importantly the whites and yolk should be solid. Often homemade mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce contains uncooked egg ingredients and you should be more careful about it. Apart from chicken eggs, the whites or yolk in goose, quail and duck egg should also be cooked properly.

Why should you avoid cold meets?

You should be very careful about what types of meet you are consuming as some cold meet types such as pepperoni, chorizo or salami contain parasite that may cause infection such as toxoplasmosis. Always read the instructions carefully some meet types are ready-to-eat and some need to be cooked. Also carefully read the cooking time as different meets require different cooking hours.

How to take care of Ready to eat meat?

If you are taking ready to eat meet than it is recommended to first freeze it as it reduces risk of parasite contamination. Freeze fermented or cured meet type for up to 4 days in freezer. Freezing ready to eat meet for this long duration eliminates most of parasites and makes it safer to consume. If are taking fresh meet that needs to be first cooked than you may not need to freeze it. When you are taking food outdoors at someone else house or at restaurant than do ask the staff whether they are using cooked meat or ready to eat meat.

Things to remember when you are barbecuing 

When you are at barbecue than be even more careful as undercooked meat types such as poultry, sausage or burgers can develop food poisoning germs such as campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli. Make sure to wash meet carefully without leaving any trace of blood. Regularly wash all the kitchenware including knives, plates, forks, spoons and more importantly the surface where you prepare raw meat or poultry in order to avoid risk of spreading any harmful bugs or parasites.            

5 reasons why you should start saving now

5 reasons why you should start saving now

Saving is the fundamental pillar for the good administration of our personal finances. Therefore, starting to save is one of the most important decisions we can make in our lives. Saving is not a passive act, but an active decision that requires discipline and perseverance. Still not convinced of how important it is to start saving as soon as possible? Does not worry, then we give you more reasons?

Irrefutable reasons why you should start saving:

1. To have a golden retirement. Retirement is often the main reason for saving for many people. When we retire and leave the labor market, it is more than likely that our income will be depleted. If we want our lifestyle does not suffer because of our economy, it is essential to have savings and start saving now. The savings can make our retirement wonderful. 2. To be able to cover unforeseen events. No one knows for sure what the future holds, an illness, an accident, a theft, a major breakdown of the car. Unforeseen events can cause a domestic economy to falter. However, this does not happen when we have money saved to face them. The savings allow us to meet unforeseen expenses without these implying a ripple in our finances.

3. To finance a project. We all have some project in mind: study, start a business, expand the current business, travel. These projects are much easier to run if we have a security lock behind in the form of savings. Saving for 2019 medicare advantage plans is necessary to execute any long-term project. If, for example, we want to set up a company, with savings we will be surer of our decisions and we will have less fear of failure, which will surely contribute to the faster take off of it. 4. To cancel debts. Savings is equal to solvency. If we have debts, it is important to allocate a part of our savings to cancel them. In this way we will avoid paying a significant amount of money in interest and, in addition, we will breathe easy knowing that we do not owe money to anyone.

5. To protect ourselves in times of crisis. Make no mistake; there will always be a crisis. The economy works in a cyclical way: sometimes it grows and sometimes it decreases. For this reason, it is important to have money saved to protect us from economic crises. If we are exposed to a salary reduction or, even worse, to be unemployed, it is better to get caught with the maximum possible savings.

Useful and Important Saving tips for seniors

Useful and Important Saving tips for seniors

Senior citizens have the opportunity to save money on many occasions. In public transport but also in many cultural events and leisure activities seniors can benefit from discounts and discounts. In addition, there are many ways to save money in everyday life.

Use discounts:

Discounts for senior citizens are very varied and subject to different conditions. Sometimes a reduction is possible from the age of 55, from the age of 60 or until the age of 70, or there is no discount. A discount for seniors is possible at some providers only at the box office, in others, in advance sale. Whether there is a discount and under what conditions this is granted, seniors should always ask, because questions cost nothing and often can be saved in this way, a lot of money. In some cases, proof of age using the identity card is sufficient to grant the discount. In many cases, however, a proof of the pension is required. Here, the pension card helps. Pensioners receive this together with their pension notice. The ID card can be cut out and carried along with the ID card.

Here it is worth asking for discounts for seniors:

  • •    Public transport
  • •    Swimming pools
  • •    Theater, opera, concerts, musicals
  • •    Museums / Galleries / Exhibitions
  • •    Libraries
  • •    Tour operators
  • •    Movie theaters
  • •    Sports clubs and sports events
  • •    Zoological gardens

Check insurance:

Insurance policies should be reviewed regularly. This applies in particular when a new phase of life, such as the pension period, begins. Some insurance companies offer the opportunity to switch to a current, cheaper rate which can usually save a lot of money for contributions. In addition, certain insurances can be completely dispensed with at retirement age. If the retirement occurs or is imminent, for example, disability insurance is no longer necessary. In many cases, the term life insurance is dispensable. Whether accident insurance makes sense, depends entirely on the individual conditions and requirements, a test is worthwhile in any case.

Check the electricity and telephone providers:

Electricity and telephone rates are flexible. The different providers have some significant price differences. It pays to check the tariffs every few years and if necessary to switch to another tariff or even the provider.

Inform and compare:

Basically, it is advisable to inform yourself and to obtain comparisons. In many areas of everyday life, you can discover savings opportunities. The effort is usually synonymous for a few Dollars.

The 3 pillars of investment and finances in the third age

The 3 pillars of investment and finances in the third age

Investment and savings must be maintained at this stage of life. Good management is the key to living with balance. The result of having balanced personal finances is to have the quality of life. That goal is maintained through the years and, of course, applies to older adults. Although financial planning for this stage of life begins years ago and ideally from the first job – the truth is that after retirement there are elements of finance that should not be neglected, especially because you will be distributing a pension and your income likely does not have a constant increase. Whether you are at this stage of your life or you know someone who already started it and want to support it in your monetary organization, you will find it useful to review these points. Here we are presenting the 3 pillars of investment and finances in the 3rd age:

1. Budget:

It is important to foresee the expenses you will have. It will help you review the list and anticipate significant disbursements, such as the credit card annuity or any trip you have pending.

Budget items

Make a list of your expenses and assign an amount to each one. Then compare it against your income and savings. Be constant in your budget record so you can control it.

2. Learn the right tools:

To preserve your financial independence, it is important that you know how to use the ATM. Telephone banking can also be your ally to check balances and make some movements. These two services are the basic ones for you to administer. Of course, it is ideal that you can handle banking online. If this is not the case, for now, consider that you can devote a part of your time to practice it until you get it: it can be your special project.

3. Emergency fund:

It will be vital that you have a reserved amount for important and unexpected expenses: some repair, a medical study, and similar events. That way you can get ahead with 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans during an unforeseen event. Once you’ve gone through it, do not hesitate to replace the amount you used so you always have that support. The care of your economic life will result in your comfort and peace of mind in the management of your money. If you will understand the above points, you will not need to take help from anyone in your 3rd age.

Things to look for before making investment: tips for seniors

Things to look for before making investment: tips for seniors

Investment is subjected to market risk. So, before making an investment in a certain field one must have a keen knowledge about the risk he is taking and about the returns he will get. Whether you are a teenager, adult or senior citizen it is very important to evaluate the scenario before investing. Have a look at the things you must be aware of before making the investment. 

Evaluate your comfort zone

All investments have some risk. So, before purchasing stocks, bonds or mutual funds you must be aware that you could lose some or all your money in certain cases. For senior citizens with limited income sources, it is necessary to check for the risk your taking. If you take on the risk the reward is high. If you are making an investment in a long-time program then you can make more money by carefully investing in risk categories like stock and bonds rather than low-risk categories like cash equivalent deposits. For short term financial goals, you may solely invest in cash if you don’t want to take the risk.

The appropriate mix of investments

In order to protect yourself get 2020 medicare advantage comparison the significant loss you must include asset categories in your investment that goes up and down under different market conditions. By investing in more than one asset category you can reduce the risk factor of losing your money. Asset categories are important as it plays a major role in achieving your financial goal.

Avoid circumstances that can lead to fraud

There is many highly publicized news to lure senior investors and make their opportunity to take advantage of them. SEC recommends asking a question to the respective company before investing. Always take your time collecting information and talk to trusted friends and family members before investing.

Draw a financial map

Before making an investment, you must sit down and have a look at your present financial situation. One of the most important tasks is to determine your personal goal. There is no guarantee whether you will make money or lose money by investing but if you check to invest through an intelligent plan you will be able to gain financial security.


If you wish of making an investment then you must consider the following things before taking a prior decision. Take the risk if you wish high returns and to achieve your personal objectives. Hope this article was helpful for you in making a decision.

The best investments for your retirement

The best investments for your retirement

Retirees with lower pensions have to take special care to spend their savings since only public pensions will remain to live the rest of their lives. If they do not have a private plan that complements their monthly income, they have no other choice than to design an investment plan to retire with the healthier current account.

How to have more savings in retirement?

For many people, retirement includes 2019 Medicare Supplement plans found on the site only a change of stage, not the end of the professional performance. Continue working can be very good and even necessary, both to maintain good physical and mental health and to supplement income. Find out below three proposals to invest savings for retirement.

Three proposals to invest savings for retirement:

The financial products chosen for retirement are not traditional but must be adapted to these special characteristics. Luckily, there are products indicated for retirees. But beware, because you cannot expect spectacular returns and, sometimes, the risks are greater than usual.

1. Investment funds for retirement:

Once discarded by their low profitability the classic products of the fixed rent (deposits, promissory notes, bonds, etc.), the investment funds can be an alternative. To avoid any kind of risk, the most committed financial assets will be dodged, opting for flexible models that can adapt to all market situations. In this sense, mixed funds are a good idea to combine fixed income with variable, through different designs made according to the profile of the client.

2. Savings insurance:

Savings insurance is an alternative financial product to deposits and promissory notes, characterized by always guaranteeing the capital invested. They allow obtaining a small profitability every year (around 2%) but without assuming any kind of risk. It is possible to hire more aggressive models, which increase their performance, through a wide offer offered by banks and insurers.

3. Pension plan:

Pension plans are a long-term savings instrument, whose main objective is to supplement the retirement pension received by Social Security. Pension plans are received, not only in the case of retirement but when other contingencies develop (disability, dependency, death) or exceptional cases of liquidity (serious illness, long-term unemployment, and eviction). Flexibility is one of the characteristics of this proposal since it allows you to enjoy an income based on the contributions made by its owners. However, its main problem is that it is necessary to formalize it in advance so that its effects, when retirement comes, are the most favorable.

Good financial habits for old age

Good financial habits for old age

Have you ever imagined how your retirement will live? Beyond thinking about how you will look with a few more hairs, have you thought about the quality of life you will have at that stage of your life? In order to answer this question with confidence, it is important that from a young age you start to cultivate certain habits that will help you to live a retreat full of experiences and tranquility. The pension system of our country is complex, with different pension schemes and requirements, which is why it is essential to anticipate and plan to the smallest detail. Remember: The quality of our old age depends to a large extent on the financial decisions we make in our youth.

The culture of contributing only the mandatory can lead to an old age with more financial concerns than necessary which is why there are alternatives to voluntarily save an additional part of the income in retirement funds, so you can enjoy a higher income the time to retire, or to do it in advance. The latter option is to learn more about 2019 Medicare supplement Plans at or another option to supplement your income in old age is to make long-term investments. The financial system offers a wide variety of forms of investment that will help you build a more stable future for you and your family.

The decision is in your hands:

Regardless of the total of your income, it is important to allocate a percentage of your monthly income to save and invest, remember that what is “in play” will be its stability in the future. Some council that will help you to have more peace of mind at the time of your retirement are:

  • •    Save at least 10% of your monthly income. If you allocate this percentage for 10, 15 or 20 years, you can generate very good returns for retirement in old age.
  • •    Some financial entities offer products designed specifically to supplement pension income, this is done through periodic savings. In addition, the performance of this type of products allows receiving tax benefits.
  • •    Opening a programmed savings account is also a good option to accumulate the necessary capital.
  • •    Another alternative after having a saved capital is to consult with experts in the financial sector to determine the products such as Bonds, Shares that fit their objectives, profile and investment term.
  • It is important that for a quiet old age consider these aspects and work from a young age to reduce the difficulties and risks that concern the future.