Good financial habits for old age

Good financial habits for old age

Have you ever imagined how your retirement will live? Beyond thinking about how you will look with a few more hairs, have you thought about the quality of life you will have at that stage of your life? In order to answer this question with confidence, it is important that from a young age you start to cultivate certain habits that will help you to live a retreat full of experiences and tranquility. The pension system of our country is complex, with different pension schemes and requirements, which is why it is essential to anticipate and plan to the smallest detail. Remember: The quality of our old age depends to a large extent on the financial decisions we make in our youth.

The culture of contributing only the mandatory can lead to an old age with more financial concerns than necessary which is why there are alternatives to voluntarily save an additional part of the income in retirement funds, so you can enjoy a higher income the time to retire, or to do it in advance. The latter option is to learn more about 2019 Medicare supplement Plans at or another option to supplement your income in old age is to make long-term investments. The financial system offers a wide variety of forms of investment that will help you build a more stable future for you and your family.

The decision is in your hands:

Regardless of the total of your income, it is important to allocate a percentage of your monthly income to save and invest, remember that what is “in play” will be its stability in the future. Some council that will help you to have more peace of mind at the time of your retirement are:

  • •    Save at least 10% of your monthly income. If you allocate this percentage for 10, 15 or 20 years, you can generate very good returns for retirement in old age.
  • •    Some financial entities offer products designed specifically to supplement pension income, this is done through periodic savings. In addition, the performance of this type of products allows receiving tax benefits.
  • •    Opening a programmed savings account is also a good option to accumulate the necessary capital.
  • •    Another alternative after having a saved capital is to consult with experts in the financial sector to determine the products such as Bonds, Shares that fit their objectives, profile and investment term.
  • It is important that for a quiet old age consider these aspects and work from a young age to reduce the difficulties and risks that concern the future.