How to set up healthy lifestyle at age of 65?

How to set up healthy lifestyle at age of 65?

People of age 65 and above need to be more aware and conscious about their health status and be more willing to adopt healthy lifestyle which will make them feel active, joyful and lively. Elderly people need to adopt themselves to few important guidelines in order to avoid health problems.

Why should you quit smoking?

Smoking is injurious to health and it affects you more when you have aged 65 plus. If you have been a smoker by young age then you have already suffered the damage caused by nicotine or tobacco. However even if you quit smoking at the age of 65 it can add life expectancy of up to 2 years. You must get a 2020 medicare supplement plan quit smoking by any mean as it can lead to serious cardiovascular heart problems such as heart stroke and cancer. Smoking can also induce risks of memory related disorders such as dementia and osteoporosis.  In old age smoking also deteriorates skin conditions and cause excessive wrinkling losing elasticity of your skin.

How should you take care of your Skin?

At old age skin gets thinner losing elasticity and tendency to get dry faster. Wrinkles start appearing on your skin and get deeper with cuts and bruises. Always remember too much exposure to sun can expose you to ultraviolet rays resulting in skin cancer.

How to take care of your teeth’s?

As you age your teeth’s get weaker and you may feel sever pain and sensitivity issues. However there are few tips for people of age 65 and above. Take care of your teeth’s by daily brushing and flossing with periodic checkups.

How to manage stress?

You need to control your anger and stress level. Try different techniques to relieve your stress. Techniques that can help in relieving yourself from stress include yoga or classic tai-chi. Be social and active, spend time with friends, have fun, organize get to gather sessions. Be more optimistic and think positively and exercise patience.

Keep an eye on your weight

Keep an eye on your weight as gaining extra weight pose you to risks of heart related diseases and several other challenges. Use body mass index BMI calculator to track changes in your weight and try to observe what should be your weight as per your height. Apart from avoiding cuisines that contain fat, margarines or cheese, avoid beverages that contain white sugar instead take plain water as it does not contain calories.