Third age and health in travel

Third age and health in travel

We want to offer some advice to seniors who want to travel safely. Following some small items we can make our escapades are perfect and avoid unexpected health

1. Go to the doctor:

If you have time learn more about AARP medicare advantage plans 2019 at since we recommend you do it before you travel. Explain your travel plans so you can evaluate if there are risks and can make a correct diagnosis and send the appropriate medication, if necessary.

2. Medication:

In the event that you take medication regularly or have been prescribed by your doctor, you should not forget to take your medication and travel it in your hand luggage if you are going to fly. We recommend not taking the exact dose of medication, but more for possible unforeseen circumstances that may arise. If you do not need medication, it is also advisable to bring a small emergency kit with the common medications you may need (pills for dizziness, headache, laxatives, etc.) If you are going to travel outside our borders, it would be advisable that you bring a medical report written in English, where you specify the need for treatment and carry the medicines in their original boxes.

3. Vaccines:

Even though seniors do not usually travel so far, international travel should be advised on the need for vaccinations or other medications to avoid catching diseases in the area you are visiting.

4. during the trip:

If you are going to travel by plane and the journey takes more than two hours, it is important to get up and walk down the aisle and move your joints to avoid the appearance of clots in the legs or possible muscle contractures. If you are going to travel by bus or car, it is recommended to get out of the vehicle and walk a little every two hours.

5. Food:

In general, older people tend to follow a balanced diet based on foods that their stomach digests well. When traveling, new cultures are known, but also new foods. To avoid feeling bad because of indigestion, our advice is to moderate with the foods that are new.

6. Health documentation:

We remind you that the precise documentation necessary to travel, whether near or far, is: Individual health card or insurance: To be able to be attended in any emergency center of the public system. Travel insurance policy: It is interesting to request it when traveling outside of your country. In the travel agency, they will answer your questions.