Useful and Important Saving tips for seniors

Useful and Important Saving tips for seniors

Senior citizens have the opportunity to save money on many occasions. In public transport but also in many cultural events and leisure activities seniors can benefit from discounts and discounts. In addition, there are many ways to save money in everyday life.

Use discounts:

Discounts for senior citizens are very varied and subject to different conditions. Sometimes a reduction is possible from the age of 55, from the age of 60 or until the age of 70, or there is no discount. A discount for seniors is possible at some providers only at the box office, in others, in advance sale. Whether there is a discount and under what conditions this is granted, seniors should always ask, because questions cost nothing and often can be saved in this way, a lot of money. In some cases, proof of age using the identity card is sufficient to grant the discount. In many cases, however, a proof of the pension is required. Here, the pension card helps. Pensioners receive this together with their pension notice. The ID card can be cut out and carried along with the ID card.

Here it is worth asking for discounts for seniors:

  • •    Public transport
  • •    Swimming pools
  • •    Theater, opera, concerts, musicals
  • •    Museums / Galleries / Exhibitions
  • •    Libraries
  • •    Tour operators
  • •    Movie theaters
  • •    Sports clubs and sports events
  • •    Zoological gardens

Check insurance:

Insurance policies should be reviewed regularly. This applies in particular when a new phase of life, such as the pension period, begins. Some insurance companies offer the opportunity to switch to a current, cheaper rate which can usually save a lot of money for contributions. In addition, certain insurances can be completely dispensed with at retirement age. If the retirement occurs or is imminent, for example, disability insurance is no longer necessary. In many cases, the term life insurance is dispensable. Whether accident insurance makes sense, depends entirely on the individual conditions and requirements, a test is worthwhile in any case.

Check the electricity and telephone providers:

Electricity and telephone rates are flexible. The different providers have some significant price differences. It pays to check the tariffs every few years and if necessary to switch to another tariff or even the provider.

Inform and compare:

Basically, it is advisable to inform yourself and to obtain comparisons. In many areas of everyday life, you can discover savings opportunities. The effort is usually synonymous for a few Dollars.